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NPS looks good
Email: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 17:37:37 -0700

Brief introduction.

As you can see from my email address my name is Bernard Clayson, I am the author of New Political System (I see you have a link to the first site I did at http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/newpoliticalsystem/index.htm thanks).

Things have progressed since then, most of my sites on the index page of http://www.planet-thanet.fsnet.co.uk

The NPS on http://www.planet-thanet.fsnet.co.uk/nps/ is later than the one you linked to, basically they the same with a few updates done.

Even that is not as new as it should be, I am now 'IN' politics as a parish councillor, I also stood for election as a district councilor


Did not succeed, but I have leaned a lot in the process, not least of which is the 'people', getting any sort of cohesion going is truly like 'herding cats'

Before I forget, Jiri Polak publishes a hard-copy of WDD Newsletter, I offered to publish it on one of my sites, to which he agreed, his articles are the leader to all his newsletters, followed by extracts from around the world (how he does it amazes me).

The index of the newsletters are on http://www.planet-thanet.fsnet.co.uk/wdd/

I have had a quick look at your site and it looks good

  1. I would suggest you reduce the size of the flow-chart, it's difficult to get the over-all picture whilst shifting the screen to see the composite pieces.
  2. Caution with using the internet for voting etc. I thought that ...... until I looked in to the subject, it's so full of holes that it does not hold water. Like a lot of things, it would be OK 'when' everything else is in place, but not until then.
  3. Of the elements that make up government i.e. people, politicians, legal, and civil servants, the least noticed is the power of the last one, the ones that DO government. Politicians are the least of the problem, in reality they are only there for the people to throw abuse at i.e. take the blame.
  4. Politics is about perceptions, be careful of getting to locked in to your perception without judging it from others perspective.
  5. I try to keep to a simple maxim KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), never achieve it but do try, it always runs in to conflict with not explaining enough, and verbose which switches people concentration off.
  6. Are you on any internet discussion groups?
    I am on about 50 of very diverse subjects (they all make up what government is about i.e. management of resources)

Good luck, and contact me if I can help in any way.

Bernard Clayson

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