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Original Posting: New Political System for the Information Age Draft #05

In reponse to CONGRATULATIONS on NPS PROGRESS - [Herb Kirstein]
Email: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 14:04:51 -0700

Thank you for your Congratulatory Message
Friday, 02 July 2004 19:30 Singapore


CONGRATULATIONS on your impressive progress in developing the "BASIC STRUCTURE of NPS." After further review, I will forward any evaluations and commentary that might seem useful.

Moreover, I am deeply appreciative of your thoughtful and insightful "Preliminary comments on U.S. CONSTITUTION for 21st CENTURY and BEYOND" (and apologize for my lateness in responding.

For the present, I am inextricably involved in several major projects---one of which, I believe, will contribute concepts that might be useful for consideration in the ultimate structure of NPS.”

Thank you very much. I look forward to receiving your evaluations, commentary and concepts which would certainly add on to what we have here.
“Welcoming your invitation to join the NPSForum, I will request an invitation as soon as it is possible to allocate time to be substantively contributive to your work on NPS.


THANK YOU for enriching---and exciting---my life by inviting me to be involved in your visionary, creative work toward advancing objectives and goals inherent in developing a New Political System for the Information Age.”

I have already sent you on Monday 28/06/2004 an invitation to join the NPSForum. If you have not received it, do let me know so that I can send you another invitation. I am very glad that you have decided to join us in the journey in search of the New Political System for the Information Age (NPS).

You are absolutely right. The journey itself is very enriching and exciting. The search for a NPS is a worthwhile project that goes beyond local concerns with global and historic significance.

Best Regards

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