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Original Posting: New Political System for the Information Age Draft #05

In reponse to Re: Only an ad hoc group of lay volunteers? - [Bernard Clayson]
Email: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 22:02:45 -0700

Perception, Interpretations and Confusion
Monday, 09 August 2004 18:00 Singapore

[Bernard Clayson]:

I am well aware, and trying to allow for, the social/cultural differences between different countries, I am used to that, but your emails, like the two I have just received, are magnifying the confusion rather than clarifying it, because

a. of the length, more important is -

b. you put a label on something, the next paragraph treats it as a fact, you then elevate the status of that 'label' which changes the context of what we are discussing.
Every time I try to adjust to (what maybe a culture difference) your 'label', you then ask me to explain the difference with what I said earlier, and;

c. your question indicate reacting to words instead of studying the context (most likely caused by (b).

I get the feeling that you are confusing yourself in the desire to have documented dialogue by putting things in neat little 'boxes' of terminology.

If you have specific questions, please ask them, I am more than willing to answer them.
My views on Democracy are quite clearly laid out, and the failings of I&R are included in that.

There is some validity in point a. We have have discussing too many things or too many aspects of the issue at the same time.

Point b is mainly perception and interpretations.

Point c is more perception and interpretations.

Yes, I am confused in more than one ways. I have tried to understand your NPS, its main presumptions and tenets and to envisage how it is going to operate in practice.

Best Regards
New Political System for the Information Age

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