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tchkof - 01:34pm Oct 16, 2003 SGT (35.)
Shamy oh Shamy

Shamy oh Shamy
Please come back to STIC
With you, the hantus were making this place dirty
Without you, this place is a kind of empty

Grand Father (of E) kicked the bucket
Mr. Poor has only one RM+t in his pocket and is now too poor to pay for Internet
Yaya is too hungry so he quits here to go and eat kitkat
Exgen was most probably being "Axed"

IMAGOD and PAPISGOD have been recalled by their Gods
Even Serene also finds this place too bored
Hanginthere can no longer hang but drop
Moderators are counting the number of days before they lose their jobs.

Dr. Blaze, Szhcornan and Redbean have little energy
There is also no sign of our beloved LPC
Mindz tried to cheer things up...
but he has nobody to talk to except Me, Geminii and Kongct

GongGong is so sad that he has lost his buddy
Ekaraya has been scolded too hard that he is too shameful to come to the party
BigotRus can only sing solo
As for Biawak? He also gives up and says, "I better go and pump petrol"...

So Shamy oh Shamy
Please come back to STIC Don't let Dr. Blaze waste his Tofus
Don't leave Rhinegold searching high and low for his TaiSiFU!!!

With best regards,
Chwee Hock