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IMAGOD - 12:23pm Apr 27, 2001 SGT (41.5)
[lost2] Please read.

Dear lost2 So sorry to hear about your pain. Do you have someone who will listen to you, a friend or relative you can talk to, express yourself to? Don't keep your hurt inside, express it in words to someone who'll listen...scream...swear..do anything EXCEPT harm yourself or others! Cyberspace is not as good as meeting a real human, face to face. There is nothing to be shameful about. We're on this earth to help each other. Being with someone or a group of people may also stop you from hurting yourself when you feel the urge. You MUST seek professional help. I would suggest checking yourself into a hospital or shelter NOW. I'm assuming you are posting from Singapore. I've messaged you with my contact details. Email or call me ASAP and I'll put you onto someone NOW. I'll also be in town on Thur. 3th May if you need someone to actually take you to a priest, psychiatrist or counsellor. I understand that you are very distraught and hurting badly. I will help you if you want. Peace.