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LeongCheeKong - 11:49pm Jan 10, 2002 SGT (2024.2.2)
I am not as Good as lpc1998, truthy, domz, mindz and others

Hello exgen and others,

Thank you for your comments. I am not even 10% as good as the very learned, knowledgeable and analytical lpc1998, truthy, domz, mindz, tchkof (a.k.a. Chwee Hock) and several other forumers.

I am trying to contribute to the discussion(s), learn, interact and have some fun. However, I have been avoiding the ST Chat lately because it appears that one or two forumers seem to believe that those Singaporeans who are working/residing overseas should not participate in this ST Chat.

Regardless of whoever the one or two forumers, I am busy with work because I will be on vacation during the month of Feb 2002.

If I do not communicate with you folks, have a Happy and Prosperous Lunar Chinese New Year. Wishing you continuing "fun" through ST Chat. Thank you ST for sponsoring this chat room or discussion group. Thank you to all forumers who gave me an opportunity(ies) to learn a little more through your posts.

P.S. Anyone who wish to communicate with me directly, please send me a live message on the left before Jan 28, 2002, for alternative channels or e-mail.