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MGBCPC - 11:16am Sep 8, 2003 SGT (783.
lpc1998. The real democracy and republic election system for SG

What you demostrate, illustrate and recomend is what SG citizens should be having long ago and without unduly delay! Our election system, style and format is long outdate and only for country believing dictatorial and authoritive! Garment of country must win vote fairly, independently and justicely! What PAP do every election is change constitution of SG so to ensure, insure and guarantee they win. Like change and redesign GRC lines! Even single ward line keep change. Opposition parties can't focus campaign. This is like shifting target in live firing! If SG have no fair, honest and justice system in protect, defense and guarding citizens' interest and welfare, I don't see how SG can improve. This system you demostrate, discuss and propagate is vitally important to survival of SG citizens and promote democracy, socialism and equality!

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