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Rhinegold - 10:52am Jul 9, 2002 SGT (324.
[Kongct] - Good answer

Not bad kongct! You’re right that I was a Christian fundamentalist before, very active during my youth. Teaching in the Sunday school too…but I am not a Christian now and I have not been a Christian since I was 20.

I have just got to be honest with myself. I feel that it is important always to ask yourself honest questions. I do not fear death and I just cannot come to terms with believing in Him out of fear.

However, I would like to believe in Him out of love though, as we all need love and lots of it too. Sadly enough, I do not see God’s love in this world.

About my age, lets keep it a mystery shall we!

I reckon that you’re on the wrong side of 40?

Catch ya later [kongct]. Take care.

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