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clindyz - 08:36am Jan 12, 2001 SGT (185.1.1)
I second that.

Well said [lpc1998]. Malaysia would honour the agreement made between the two countries. I believe that.

Hereafter, when each contact expires, it is their decision whether to renew it under new terms of agreement with Singapore or not.

The Singapore Government must continue to search for alternative source of (economical) water supply in case Malaysia can't supply us the water after that time. Building of desalination plant is one easy way out but it would be a fairly expensive water source especially for lower income group.

Lastly, (no offense Mr. Goh), I feel that sometimes our leaders in their mean to show the fellow citizens how good, efficient and competent they are, (unintentionally) tend to use other countries to weigh against. Please donít do that cause it might sour our countryís relationship with that country.

Best Regards