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cyntha - 07:19am Nov 23, 2001 SGT (102.)
Love At First Sight - Your advice please

For quite sometime I've been visiting this chat room as an observer only, but now I'd like to ask for some advice from the forumers here....[littlebluepill] [sophie] [PrincesOfLight] [grandslam] [domz] [ekaraya] [shamy] [sporeusa]....? It's about my daughter and her 'boyfriend'. It seems that this 'Love At First Sight' case happened to my daugher. It's been years that she cares for this boy, but he is very passive. My daughter used to write him letters, but he wrote only one single letter. Recently their relationship is mostly done through telephone and sms. Very few that he is the one who starts the phone calls or sms, most of the time it's my daughter who starts it, but once they get connected it can be for more than one hour connection. This last 3yrs he lives abroad pursuing his carreer as an athlete, so it means now that meeting each other is not an easy thing to do (even when he was still around they went out together very rarely). My hubby said that this boy might feel inferior due to his education record. He only had one semester university life after graduated from highschool, meanwhile my daughter is still having high spirit to study, if possible until obtaining PhD title. I've asked her whether she really thinks that it is worthwhile to pour all her attention to this boy ; whether it will be better for her to have relationship with some other boy instead. So far there is no commitment between them, but she is so persistent, that she will always care for her 'boyfriend' and she doesn't feel like seeing any other boy, at least as long as she knows that he has no other 'girlfriend' . I am wondering how can I know if he is 'Mr.Right' for my daughter ? I'll be thankful for any idea given, since I myself have not much experience in boys-girls relationship. My hubby is a case of 'Love At First Sight ' for me and he turns out to be my 'Mr.Right'.