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leanne1983 - 08:03pm Dec 27, 2000 SGT (462.)
2/3 majority? absurd!

so if i am not wrong, IPC1998, you are saying that the singapore constitution requires only 2/3s of the PARLIAMENT to agree to it for the amendment of the constitution to take place. that is absurd! good grief! and daddy wants to get paid more for that? 2/3 doesn't include the opposition (how little they are) and it doesn't even include the society!

gar'ment is not a mirror of society. it just consisits of certain lucky sections of society that clad in white.

good grief. thank you for enlightening me on that ridiculous section of the constitution.

incidentally, can anyone tell me when the constitution was written? it might explain a lot of things.

I was supposed to take a break from the computer. i think i will. i'm going to watch 'sense and sensibility now'. haha, how ironic.