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lpc1998 - 06:51pm May 14, 2001 SGT (59.)
The Agonizing Depth of Misunderstanding. ... Pg 1/2

[gonggong] said:

“To MRS Mirin

Aiyah, sorry I'm late by two years lah. You heard about the seven years itch with married people? They eat the same old noddle everyday lah. Doktor Shamy didn't agree with me on that for he said mee could be cooked in different ways! Obviously, he must have read Kama Sutra quite a bit.Trust these "Hum Sup" old men. Anyway, it's ok if you no can go with me to Vegas. You've any unmarried fun sister(s)around? And if you catch your spouse eating another mee and not yours, don't act like Lost2, you know? Go donate to the Bloodbank, they need plenty lah. Re cesarean, I hope your gyny did a good bikini cut for you so that you could still wear a string bikini. Whatever, in the States, the girls think a cesarean in not the real thing, they always like the painnnnnnnnnnful thing, natural lah. Sorry with two cesareans, it mightbe a big risky for you to try again. Have a Nice Mee Eating Day. Enjoy! ”

A man’s problem since the evolution or the creation of man. It does not matter whether the man or the woman is married or not.

[shamy] said:

“How's your luck so far Prof Gong ?

My dear Prof,

You really know how to enjoy life.Beautiful and vivacious lady all in black and all the chips in you hand to play with.Cool man.And your kind advice to [lost2] not to be depressed.Quite gracious Prof.And your fatal invitation to Genting with the penile surgeon ? Better concentrate on the casino table and forget about the bed ! Otherwise you will lose your pants ! No fear, just give me a call .I'll bail you out.Just call Janson at the Cashier - he will give you unlimited credit.No strings attached of course.And after that both of you can tango at the disco on the top floor of the casino hotel.

And Prof don't let any woman hug you in the lift.All your chips gone together with your mojo too. So better be careful.Genting also has its Las Vegas girls lah - you must know where to find them.Fill your pockets with chips,they will all come after you.So good luck!”

A man who does not really know how to ‘enjoy’ life or cannot do so.

[cindyz] said:

“Hi [lost2], Saw this post, you have my sincere sympathy. If you do have children, you may find it more rewarding to concentrate your time on them. Alternatively, you may like to go into some religion study of your choice - it might help. Those people at Churches or Temples are usually very friendly. Just ignore that bastard!!! (Sorry I can’t help it.) Hmmm… maybe you can even pretend that he is dead 11 years ago and that person living in the house has no relation with you at all – juz someone sharing the house only. I really hope you can overcome your ordeal soon. Best Regards and God Bless… Cindy ”
A girl who is ignoring what a man is, otherwise she has a practical approach to life.


Man-woman problems have existed for many thousands of years. It would have been hilariously comical, if it were not so tragically painful. It is so obvious that if a man can fall madly in love with one woman, he can also fall in love with another woman. The basic natural forces remain the same before or after marriage, as marriage is an unnatural, social-legal institution that has no bearing on natural forces. It is so amazing why a woman is so unprepared to find her husband to be overwhelmed by these natural forces. Maybe a woman would like to explain why. One would have thought that every girl before she marries a man would have thought through this problem and have drawn up a contingency action plan to be implemented in such an eventuality. It is like being unable to answer a question that has appeared repeatedly in an examination for thousands of years.

Another curious fact is the manner in which the average girls who ostensibly want a stable marriage choose their boyfriends with a view to marriage. If they are given a chance, they would usually go for the most popular guys, usually the ones with the 5Cs real or potential, or the ones who are tall, dark and handsome or both; or such public properties as film stars or singers. Is not it obvious that these guys will still remain or can make themselves popular with young girls even after they are married. It is already so difficult for the average man to keep his eyes away from fresh and pretty girls or beautiful women. It is many times more difficult for the popular guys to do so with the girls falling all over them.

To be continued ... Pg 2/2

lpc1998 - 06:59pm May 14, 2001 SGT (59.1)
The Agonizing Depth of Misunderstanding. ... Pg 2/2

Most decent guys at the time of marrying a girl he loves are quite honourable in their intentions. However, the girls must understand that these are only intentions. Future events depend on so many unknown factors that only time can reveal. The best of intentions is often overtaken by events over which the individuals seldom have control.

Now, what can those who want a stable marriage do? Be as realistic as possible. The following points may help:

1 Choose an available partner that is most suitable for a stable marriage. What is suitable will depend on the personal circumstances of the two marrying individuals involved.

2 Take good care of the marriage. Do not take it for granted. Yes, it is true what God have put together, no man can put asunder. It is also true what man has put asunder is obviously what God have not put together.

3 Adultery does not break marriages

4 In the event when the marriage fails, sort out the mess as soon as possible. Do not waste time, because time is life. And your time is your life. It is better to avoid the mistakes of yesterday, live on what is available today without ruining what is possible tomorrow. Do beware of the Misery Industry.

In this posting, words importing the masculine gender only shall include the feminine gender and vice versa as the case may require.

Best Regards

PS. [gonggong], [shamy] and [clindyz], sorry for making use of your postings without prior permission. I feel that they do give a human touch to my posting which hopefully may benefit some readers. Thank you.

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