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lpc1998 - 01:41am May 20, 2001 SGT (63.1)
Some reasonable private space in the marriage is healthy.

You said:

“women of this age can't put all her life into her marriage, there're things outside her marriage for her to fulfill her dreams and aspirations. Otherwise, when her children have grown up and become full fledge, she'll be left with her spouse with emptiness." :-

What I meant above was set aside time for oneself other that family. It's just take away reasonable amount of time to do the things that she did sacrificed doing during early child caring. May be there's a misinterpretation, what I meant doing things outside her marriage it's NOT about STEPping OUT of the marriage BOUNDARY for some immoral things. Also, the couple must spend time together, just exclusively two of them, no children. This is for a healthy, nourishing, rewarding and nurturing lifelong relationship.”

If you were referring to some private space in the marriage for the each of the partners, then I agree with you. It is right and healthy to have such private spaces even during the early stages of the marriage. The amount of private space available to each of the partners at any point of time has only to be reasonable according to the circumstances of the marriage.

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