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lpc1998 - 03:15pm May 16, 2001 SGT (
Not a cure for extra-marital affairs.

You said:

“But how ? Right, follow all the steps outlined by [pc1998].In the end the wayward husband will still go for a younger and more vivacious woman,leaving his wife,greviously hurt and almost penniless to support herself for the rest of her life - alone and unsupported. …...”
[shamy], you are right to caution readers that my posting is not a cure for extra-marital affairs. It is about understanding what leads to these affairs and the need by married people to work hard to counter the natural forces underlying them, if they want an enduring marriage and to be prepared as much as possible for such eventualities because they are not rare at all.

You said:

“….. [Mirin]'s stories are getting very common.And I feel that all married women must prepare for all eventualities no matter how lovey-dovey their husbands are.Plan for yourselves.Invest prudently ( ask Prof2 Gong for advice ).Have your own account - separate from your husband. Better still,his money is our money.What is yours is yours.Keep separate accounts.Make sure you have enough just in case your husband suddenly ditch you for another younger woman.”
Just a word of caution. Do what [shamy] says above within reason and sensibility in the context of an enduring and loving marriage. Over-doing this may make a person feel that his/her spouse is no better than a prostitute. The need for preparedness is true for both man and woman, and especially for the woman.

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