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lpc1998 - 01:56am May 20, 2001 SGT (
Declared or Published Reasons Often Misleading.

You said:

“ “The reasons for a breakdown in a marriage are multiple and sometimes very complex.Let me just outline some examples that are cited as causes for a breakup besides adultery and extra-marital adventures.

1.The way he squeezes the tooth-paste.The way he arranges the toilet paper.The pyjamas he wear.The snorings and restlessness at night.Insist on table lights being on.Must have the loud alarm clock on.Go to toilet at night several times.

2.Insist that the wife go full morty when in bed.Insist on sex even when she is inconvenient.Demand oral every time.Attempt unorthodox arobactics in bed.Always insist that she come every time.Yes or no ?Inconsiderate and uncouth.Hold wife in ransom because he is not her first lover.Treat wife like a sex slave.Compare wife with other women.Making love and fantasizing other glamorous women at the same time.

In fact,the majority of breakups are due to bad bed antics and sexual inconsiderations.And all these are manifested in behavioral incompatibilities which create cracks in a marriage.Unless the emotional bonding is strong,the marriage will break down sooner or later.”

I agree with you that the declared or published reasons for the marriage breakdown are often misleading. Very frequently, it has something to do with the fact that people are by nature not monogamous. It is a great struggle against nature to remain sexually true to one partner. Unless both spouses combine forces to help each other quietly overcome their natural instincts and to steer each other away from trouble, a tragic and painful rupture of the marriage is highly probable.

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