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lpc1998 - 07:44pm Nov 4, 2000 SGT (70.)
Try to make yourself the first prize your spouse has won in the lottery of life.

I have noticed that most of those who are clamouring for an anti-adultery law have not spelt out the penalty they want the law to impose. Some have suggested a 2-year incarceration for the proposed offence while others want it to be draconian with no details. Let us not forget that many believe adultery is in contravention of the laws of God – THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY is one of the Ten Commandments. And many among the believers still commit adultery over the millenniums despite the penalty of eternal damnation and roasting by hell fire (presumably at a temperature immensely greater than the sun’s) with death providing no reprieve. Does any one of proponents have a penalty more terrifying that? Please post them here if you have. Those who are proposing a 2-year incarceration must be kidding.

Furthermore, since the declared purpose of the anti-adultery law is to help to preserve the family for the protection of children, singles and married couples with no children should be exempted from the proposed law. There should be neither incarceration nor other custodial sentences because if one or both parents are imprisoned or detained for long period of time, the family will be wrecked and it would then be contrary to the objective of preserving the family for the protection of the children. Monetary penalties must be worded in such way that the children should not suffer. Otherwise, we will be penalizing the very people we want to protect. For example, if we impose a fine of $1,000.00, it should not have in it money meant for the living expenses of the children or for paying their school fees. In fact, the penalty must be one that does not in any way contradict the declared purpose of the law.

We must also be careful that the law must not promote spouse abuse. One of the greatest deterrence that the abuser fears is that his/her spouse may seek solace, comfort and sympathy in the arms of another man/woman. This is a law he and others of the same kind want so badly. Anti-adultery law would remove this fear and emboldens the abuser to experiment with more creative forms of abuse.

As it is, we already have so many laws making ordinary people criminal. Renting out an apartment or a house can make you a criminal of a very serious crime, if your tenant turns out to be an illegal immigrant. Register a limited company and you can be charged for a very serious offence of failing to hold the company’s Annual General Meeting and filing the Annual Returns even the company is a shelf company with $2.00 paid-up share capital and no business done. The last report I came across said there were more than 100,000 people with criminal records here and the public service was actively looking into the possibility of employing them for appropriate jobs. Especially, with an anti-adultery law, many, many more people will be made criminals and with more new laws making more people criminals, one day we will wake up finding the criminals having electoral majority with their own Members of Parliament forming a Government which will then propose a law to send all of us to prison for failing to commit a crime.

Now, let us go back to more serious business. Is there anything we can do to diminish the temptation of adultery? Yes, there is. Try to make yourself the best partner your spouse can ever hope for. Always understanding, considerate, useful, caring, loving, fair and just, and trustworthy and reliable at all times. Try to make yourself the first prize your spouse has won in the lottery of life. You will be in fact making the price of adultery so astronomically high for your spouse to pay.

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