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lpc1998 - 11:10pm Aug 11, 2003 SGT (783.
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During the transitional period, there have to be special provisions for the conversion from the existing system to the NPS.

The existing Parliament may be converted into the Senate and the Prime Minister becomes the 1st President. At the absolute discretion of the Prime Minister, he may appoint his existing ministers and other parliamentarians to important positions in his new Administration. The rest of the Members of Parliament would then become the first Senators of the new Senate. The total number of Senators in this case would be less than 100.

Similarly, we may see the new COV, the House of Justice (HOJ) and the TDI having many prominent people from or associated with the existing ruling party. So the voters would have at least five years to familiarize themselves with the workings of the NPS and for intensive voter education.

We can also expect that, for the next 2 or 3 elections, the influence of the existing ruling party may still be considerable because it has a very good head start with the first Presidency and a near total dominance of the new Senate. As the first people running the government and appearing on national television and on the Internet debating and discussing national issues, the voters would know them far better than most other people and hence their excellent re-election chances.

However, the de-PAPization of Singapore society would have also gone a long way towards the eventual emergence of a no-party state.

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