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Some Food for Thought - STI Report 27 May 2001

China mistress, but no kids

TAIPEI - In a twist on the government slogan for cross-strait business investment - Leave your roots in Taiwan - more Taiwanese businessmen are being forced by their wives to undergo vasectomies before leaving for China.

But the aim is not to keep them from fooling around while on business. It is to prevent them from having children with their mistresses, and stop any future claims to the family fortune.

According to Dr Wu Kuo-jun, head of Yin Shu-tien Medical Hospital's urological department, the number of men getting vasectomies is on the rise. Nearly half who had the operation did so under threat from their wives, he said.

Dr Wu attributed this trend to growing cross-strait, extra-marital affairs in China, and Beijing's get-tough stance on adultery. Taiwanese businessmen in China are known to develop business and extra-marital ties - a practice known as bao er nai, 'having a mistress'.

These men support a wife in Taiwan and a mistress in China, and sometimes have two separate families on either side of the Taiwan Strait, said a Taipei Times report.

On April 28, China's ninth Standing Committee of the National People's Congress adopted tougher laws aimed at tackling the problem of extra-marital affairs. The rules prohibit a married person from living with another partner.

Dr Wu speculated that wives might want to protect their husbands from having unwanted pregnancies and leaving themselves vulnerable to prosecution in China.

He said 40 per cent of men who underwent vasectomies were coerced by their wives.

What does the above report tell about the Taiwanese people in particular and people in general?

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