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Sometimes, a spouse becomes overly concerned can be an indicator of him having some hanky panky things. A german couple with teenager children, husband gave wife a cellular phone, called her every now and then with she's out for shopping. One might think, wow, what a loving and caring husband after so many years of marriage. Wrong. He was with another young china girl, just to make sure that they didn't bump into her on the street. Many more living examples to quote. With so many temptations(young china girls), how can an old man resist? I'm not trying to be bias or generalise china girls, certainly there are exceptions, but after the cultural revolution and upbringing, they're definitely a very different kind of breed.

It is a sad and pathetic ending, after so many years of thin and thick with her spouse, all she has is a divorce. Of course there're many happily married couples walk till the end of lives. Women of this age can't put all her life into her marriage, there're things outside her marriage for her to fulfill her dreams and aspirations. Otherwise, when her children have grown up and become full fledge, she'll be left with her spouse with emptiness.

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