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nuzi - 09:41am Jan 28, 2002 SGT (2070.3)
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  1. Perhaps, these urgent and critical laws decreed by the President without undue delay should have an expiry date, maybe about say three months, during which the senate and Council of Veterans can discussed and debated with comments/suggestions from the judiciary. The laws can then either ceased to be effective after the critical period or be re-decreed with additional improvements by the expiry date.
  2. Can someone be in the presidential cabinet/ be appointed top government officers and be in the senate at the same time?
  3. If the senate appoints the members of the independent institutions or bodies, can we arrange the terms to be sure that the in-coming teams of these bodies is to be appointed by out-going senate team.
  4. Suggests that the Election Commission be in-charge of the referendums as well.
  5. What other roles are you intending for this Talent Development Institute? If not, perhaps the Council of Veterans can take on this role of talent spotting and sponsoring new election candidates. They are close to the ground and recommendations can be sent to them for review.
  6. Suggests that Council of Veterans not be paid any money except for a symbolic allowance and national day recognition. Being on the council will be voluntary work. They should be supported by a secretarial function though.
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