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shamy - 08:50pm May 14, 2001 SGT (59.1.1)
Thank you [1pc1998] for a very insightful posting

I admire the way you build up your arguments and then present them in such a palatable form to readers.Marriage and Adultery are very important issues and you have stated very clearly what are the pitfalls and how we can try to avoid them.

You must have spoken from a wealth of experiences and I believe for a marriage to last forever,there must be mutual understanding,respect and trust.Even in the face of transgressions,there must be forgiveness and repentance.Like you put it very nicely, your spouse is the most prized possession you ever will have.So treasure it,nurture it and develop it with care,tenderness and love.

I thank you for a very enlightened piece and I hope all of us down here in STI forum will benefit from your invaluable advice.

Warm Regards.

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