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shamy - 02:23pm May 15, 2001 SGT (
To Ms.[Mirin], you're absolutely right

Hi [Mirin],

I take the liberty to post my reply to you although it was addressed to [pc1998].

An adulterous spouse or a philandering husband will be caught sooner or later,no matter how clever and cunning he is.It is very tragic indeed for the married woman who has to divorce her unfaithful husband and left with nothing to fend for herself and her children.This is more painful when the woman is in her forties with growing children to support.Alimony is almost unheard of in our Asian context and so the suffering woman has to go through a very painful phase of her life and that includes all her peri-menopausal blues.And the ungrateful and cheating husband is living it up with some young chick somewhere.This is a social catastrophe which a married woman must try to avoid.

But how ? Right, follow all the steps outlined by [pc1998].In the end the wayward husband will still go for a younger and more vivacious woman,leaving his wife,greviously hurt and almost penniless to support herself for the rest of her life - alone and unsupported. [Mirin]'s stories are getting very common.And I feel that all married women must prepare for all eventualities no matter how lovey-dovey their husbands are.Plan for yourselves.Invest prudently ( ask Prof2 Gong for advice ).Have your own account - separate from your husband. Better still,his money is our money.What is yours is yours.Keep separate accounts.Make sure you have enough just in case your husband suddenly ditch you for another younger woman.

And man,don't underestimate your wife.A married friend of mine was so devastated and depressed when his wife walked out of their 10 year marriage with another man together with all their savings,leaving him to fend for himself and his two children ! So it can happen either way.Well,why get married in the first place ? And having children ?

For those who are blissfully married and continue to be happily married,God Bless.

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