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shamy - 10:50am May 20, 2001 SGT (
Women are more faithful than men

Good morning [pc1998],

Thank you once again for a very enlightened reappraisal of marriage and divorce.Many people still believe that by 'nature' we are all polygamous.The Thais seem to take this with a smile but not every society can tolerate polygamy now ( not even the Mormons in Utah ). I believe we should not use this 'natural instinct' to 'justify' married couples who committed adultery for some very selfish reasons.

Whether it is natural or enforced by circumstances,adultery in whatever form is not justified.It should be condemned.It is still the number one cause of divorce.If a man wants to treasure his polygamous freedom, he should not settle down.And vice-versa.

Like you said, marraige is a commitment.BOTH partners must work hard to strive to keep the marriage intact.It is unnatural,but to keep the partnership intact requires alot of personal sacrifices,tolerance,understanding and trust.And I believe unless a couple is prepared to do so,it is better for them to stay single.Marriage makes demands on each other and unless a couple really understands the stresses and strains,it is going to be a disastrous partnership.

And for those who had traumatic experiences and survived the crises and saved their marriages, I salute them.Even though there are cracks in the porcelain,it is still intact nevertheless.

Have a blissful marriage and stay happily married to all. Have a nice Sunday.

Warm Regards.

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