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szhcornan73 - 06:31pm May 23, 2003 SGT (701.
Fair is Foul; Foul is Fair

[lpc1998] and [joho]

80 over applicants that makes my eyes sore and more to come, we just gone through some fresh grads, one foreign and 6 locals for the past 3 days.

We had in mind to restrict the recruitment at start only to Singaporeans fresh grads. After we realised that foreign graduates of local university can receive PR status, which thus reduce our admin load of applying work permit for foreigners, we decided to open the application to foreign fresh grads too. Not just that, we also find total different attitude of foreign fresh grads that make us change our mind.

Personally I want to get locals, my other associates want to get their kind and the reality is: The locals are still chin-up high which makes me no choice but to open up my choices.


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