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szhcornan73 - 05:43pm May 25, 2003 SGT (701.
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[lpc1998] ROOT CAUSE

However, the government has yet to address the high cost of living here as it is linked to labour cost which is a major component of cost for many businesses.

The other is the quality of our people, but this problem cannot be effectively addressed without the necessary changes to our political and social systems. The quality of the people we have today is the primarily consequence of the political and social systems we have since birth of our nation. The very fact. And there could have two reasons:

One, they are trying hard, still very hard but caught in situation, still trying. But let's start cutting labour cost first, it is easier.

Second, there is never high cost of living in their dictionary. Don't belief? Check the CPI, it suppose to tell you it dropped. Low interest rate (haha... saving rate I meant).

Attitude, no only Singaporean's attitude need change, the sg gov's Attitude is one big hurdle that is yet being recognised.

Yes : The people and gov need to recognise the ROOT CAUSE problem and do some reflection. Me too.


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