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Original Posting: 22 March 2004 Monday 1830 hrs Singapore

Who is your friend?

A friend is someone who does not act against your person or interest.

A good friend is a friend who does not dislike you.

A best friend is a friend who defends you when you are unfairly or unjustly attacked.

A friend who cares for you and looks after your interests is a VIP in your life.

Such a VIP who also loves you not only freely, truly and unconditionally, but also enthusiastically is your special friend.

Where such love is mutual, that friend is theoretically your very special friend, someone whom you rarely meet in your journey of life.

Friendship at any level is not for life. It is born, grows and often dies of neglect or abuse. So it should not be taken for granted. The more special the friendship is, the more care and nuturing it requires, if it is to grow and thrive.

Those who mistreat or abuse their friends would eventually have no friends left. Those who convert their friends to enemies would soon be surrounded by enemies. So never ever treat a friend like an enemy unless you really want to be surrounded by enemies. And neither treat an enemy like a friend before you mistake your friends for your enemies like so many do.

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