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Original Posting: 26 March 2004 Friday 1815 hrs Singapore

The Misery Industry

The Misery Industry is one that lives and thrives on human miseries. It is a multi-trillion-dollar investment that is found in most areas of life. It produces the Misery Generators that floods human miseries across time and space.

The Misery Industrialist is the person who has invested in the Misery Industry.

An obvious example of the Misery Industry is drug trafficking and abuse, where billions of people have suffered in miseries in the past and present, and where many billions more in the future.

A less obvious example of the Misery Industry is one where it has the appearance of a normal and ordinary business like that of a surgeon, but when the surgeon operates unnecessarily because he needs the surgical and medical fees whether for his business survival, or for servicing his over-commitments in property or share investments or for pure greed, his medical practice has become part of the Misery Industry.

Other examples here are: a government department which has become substantially addicted to or dependant for its revenue on fines and fees generated by rules and regulations that exploits human weaknesses or needs; a bank that enjoys exorbitant fees or charges from a credit card business that is creatively designed to encourage and exploit credit card defaults in payments; etc

However, the most insidious forms of the Misery Industry are those whose business is ostensibly for the relief or elimination of human miseries and sufferings, but they are structured in such a way that for every relief of misery they deliver, more misery will be generated for the future. An example here is the fight against AIDS. There are those who work heroically and energetically to help relieve the sufferings of the AIDS and HIV-positive victims, but by their actions, beliefs and policies, they have helped to spread the disease from the first few cases to the tens of millions now, and because of their clinging to such actions, beliefs or policies which have created a global pandemic, to hundreds of millions or more in the future.

The most tragic forms of the Misery Industry are those that promote or reinforce the belief that human miseries have a humanly incomprehensible divine purpose and human beings should suffer the miseries in silence and obedience in the hope of heavenly rewards hereafter. This encourages not only tolerance for, but also acceptance of miseries as a necessary condition of life.

The most ingenious forms of the Misery Industry are those that encourage or promote miseries as pleasure. When people feel good about being miserable, then the miseries would become desirable.

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