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Original Posting: 27 March 2004 Saturday 1234 hrs Singapore

The Leaving Indicator

Owing to the overwhelming influences and control of the Misery Industry and the confusion generated by it, many people do not know when to let go or leave when a relationship fails or collapses. In many cases, they live a life of misery for themselves and for those who are close to them. The Leaving Indicator is designed to address this need.

According to the Leaving Indicator, the time to let go or leave a failed relationship is when you are miserable for more than 50% of the days in three or more consecutive months. The actual number of months in each case is at the discretion of the person concerned. The more months he takes to let go or leave, the more miserable days he would have for himself and for others close to him.

To determine the number of miserable days in a month, one simply assesses the day at the end of it, marks it on a calender, if he finds it on the whole miserable owing to the relationship in question and then, at the beginning of the following month, totals up the number of miserable days for the month.

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